Philly Bread Process

Philadelphia is a city known for its love of food, gritty inventiveness, and staunch support of its local businesses. These qualities have created a boon for the city’s local economy, boosting Philadelphia’s real estate market with the creation of jobs accompanying the surge of localized industries. Philly Bread is one of Philadelphia’s many industry disruptors driving regional growth.

Built from the do-it-yourself ethos that Philadelphia espouses, Philly Bread was born when, according to the website, “We couldn’t find the type of bread we wanted to eat anywhere in Philadelphia, so we decided to bake it ourselves.” Philly Bread’s product line is created using a method focused on sourcing grains and oils directly from local farmers such as Castle Valley Mill, Susquehanna Mill, and Deer Creek Malt. These ingredients are then milled in-house before mixing the dough. According to Philly Bread, the in-house milling process is what brings out the most flavor from the flour. This DIY approach to ensuring the highest quality product manifests itself through every step of the process

Philly Bread’s diverse product line features everything from their staple Philly Muffin, their take on the English muffin, to bagels, focaccia, baguettes, and ciabatta. The products can be found at Philly Bread’s brick and mortar location in Olney at 4905 N 5th Street, in local gourmet grocery stores such as DiBruno Brothers, and numerous local eateries including Good Spoon Soupery, Sweet Green, Hawthorne’s, and Jose Pistola’s.

Philly Bread’s commitment to every step of the process from sourcing to baking creates a superior product that has built an ecosystem in Philadelphia’s restaurant industry through its presence in many of the city’s restaurants and coffee shops. With the distinction of being one of Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly award winners for 2018, Philly Bread’s rise as a staple in the Philly food scene is just starting to heat up.

Philly Bread: Maker of the Philly Muffin

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-Written by Ezekiel Lim