Purchased Rittenhouse Condo

I cannot recommend James Price strongly enough. His knowledge, professionalism, and friendliness far exceeded expectations. James was recommended to me by two colleagues who had bought and sold homes with him. From my first outing with James it was evident why they gave him such glowing reviews.  James eats, breathes, and sleeps Philadelphia real estate and is incredibly easygoing and fun to see properties with. Perhaps what impressed me most during my buying experience with James was his professionalism. A couple weeks into looking at properties I was on the fence about a particular condo. James very apologetically called and explained that he had an out of town buyer who wanted to make an offer on the condo sight unseen, as her friend lived in the building. James immediately set me up with another real estate agent and I actually made an offer before James’s other client. While I didn’t get that condo (James proved to be a formidable opponent in negotiations), I was blown away by the transparency and maturity with which James handled the rare and difficult situation. Thankfully, I continued searching with James and thanks to his negotiation skills was able to buy a larger unit in same building for $50k less than the original listing price. James’s passion and personality has appropriately resulted in several buyers and sellers seeking his expertise. Despite his large client load (he had 11 pending contracts while I was working with him), James and I saw properties at the same time each week for several weeks. There was never a time I wanted to reach him and couldn’t. He utilizes his awesome assistant Kyle effectively and as his real estate brand continues to grow I would certainly trust any agents which James chooses to bring onto his team. Obviously, I cannot say enough positive things about my buying experience with James. My girlfriend and I now consider James one of our best friends in Philadelphia. In addition to being incredibly skilled at his job, James is an honest and good person. Of the $15M+ in real estate deals James has done this year, his most meaningful transaction was also his smallest, because he was able to put a low income family on a tight budget into their dream home. If you are looking to buy or sell in the Philadelphia area there is nobody better than James!

— Mark H. - Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia